leads, unconventionally

After years searching a solid, quality, generating and converting source of traffic and leads I am happy to say i think we have it after long preparation traders education and investing.com are presenting a new generation of leads – super high quality source of traffic together with a unique and designated content made and presented by the broker, results with leads, un -parallel. if you could buy leads, that wasn’t just signing in in some dodgy website, or even in your get a bonus landing page, or in the worse case a bot lead.. but a lead, geo targeted to Your Geo’s, that has seen and being in a 45 minutes live session , presented by your top trainer/retention/sales person, on your own platform with your own call to actions??? well, from now you can. choose your time& date, decide the topic and the content, use your teachers or ours, and we will do the rest The promotions, the webinar software, the support, everything. You pay by the “LEAD” In the end of the live session you will get your “leads” to start the conversion process right away.

Your content,Your platform,Your type of leads!

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